thesis show

My final year was all about exploring media and design, and understanding what illustration really is. All the lessons, techniques, and demos I have seen from instructors and friends over the past four years have molded my thought process. I have learned to adapt. I have learned to absorb critique. The creation process is not easy and it never will be. I have learned that there is style and there is content. Illustration is about ideation. It is about substance of information. Illustration is telling a story in an image. It is about content. Most importantly, I have learned to be educated about my craft, to always be open to new ideas, and always push myself to progress as an artist. The intention of my thesis is to continue these values through every piece I create. And I will use this as a foundation to advance my ambitions throughout my career. I have achieved some of these components in my thesis, but now more importantly, I have the awareness and mindset to execute these dreams and to produce true illustrations.